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Brij Krishna specializes in outsourced sales so that our partners can focus on creating and improving great products. Companies can turn to us to promote their products and settle contracts on their behalf, instead of bearing the risks and costs of hiring, training, and managing a sales force.


Brij Krishna excels at creating residential and B2B marketing strategies. We offer a wide variety of services that cater to specific marketing needs or tailored business solutions such as sales, appointment setting and lead generation. we offer a wide variety of services from full marketing engagements.

Offline Branding and

Successful digital campaigns are often supported by strong offline Branding. We approach to sales involves process, planning and execution. We bring the right strategy plus the right people to implement and deliver results. We’re flexible, transparent, customized and accountable.

B2B Lead

We Save You Time And Energy with B2B appointment setting, We ensures that the data that is collected and scrubbed is being used to set the appointments that will possibly lead to a closed deal and an increase in revenue for our clients.We have developed a unique approach to discovering high-quality leads.


The right system allows you to efficiently conduct business, purchase goods and services. Gathering the information and requirements you need at the start of your business relationship will have a positive impact on future processes such as: sourcing, procurement, managing risk and evaluating supplier performance.


We are tying up with global companies who would like to introduce their growth.This kind of marketing evolves the creation of lead generation campaigns, which mean ways to get people to know your product/service via outbound/inbound methods. There are many different ways and approaches to do that.


Banking sector has started utilizing digital channels to collect data to be used for marketing and to understand the consumers’ needs and behaviour better and to provide them better services. The banking sector has lots of restrictions, changes, uncertainties and laws. They face multiple challenges, with customers demanding personalized experiences.