Amit Kumar

15 Statistics To Inspire Your Sales Strategy

Numbers don’t lie, but they can inspire. If you know where to look, you can find thousands of statistics on the web related to sales and selling. Although these statistics can be interesting, they don’t mean much when taken strictly at face value. However, when you start to assimilate data and compare numbers from various sources, you start to see patterns emerge. Then, if you correlate these numbers, some of your findings might make you a much smarter sales rep.


Rajiv Gupta

4 Keys to Success in Selling Cloud Services

If you are selling enterprise technology, you are probably selling cloud services. The cloud drives most technology decisions since hosted services are being used to handle data, business applications, development, and virtually anything that supports enterprise-driven businesses. You should include cloud services as part of your channel partner program.The competitive landscape of cloud computing is changing, as is the way to sell cloud services. For example, choosing the right cloud platform is no longer solely part of IT solution selling, but rather part of selling business solutions, involving multiple stakeholders.


Shivani Bahel

3 Ways to Scale Your Sales Teams

Success doesn’t come without growing pains. As your operation scales, you need to find the most effective ways to scale your sales program to support growth without adding too much overhead. Expanding any sales team takes time and money, and in rapidly changing markets it too often seems like sales is always catching up. To sustain growth you need to be able to scale sales in step with the rest of the organization, and that takes a well-devised plan.