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"We started rethinking the way our business was working in the cloud and as part of that we had to speed up and we had to have our marketing systems match that."

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Advertising and

We provides marketing and advertising service to the people of the digital world and help them resource their way out in the digital competition.



The right system allows you to efficiently conduct business, purchase goods and services. Is your vendor onboarding process repetitive, labor-intensive and time-consuming?

B2B Sales

B2B Sales and
B2B TieUp

The Award-Winning B2B Sales & Marketing Agency. Helping to Drive your Business Growth. We are tying up with global companies who would like to introduce their growth.


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Ranked as one of the best sales outsourcing company in India, Brij Krishna ensures a steady and robust growth in the creation of new sales leads and sales closures allowing you to focus on the core areas of your business operations.

  • Organize all your info

    Get better organized, be more efficient with your time, and delight your clients every step of the way. Keep all client interaction history in one place and never ask for the same info twice.

  • Create a repeatable sales process, from appointments to quotes, to win more business. Get the right level of support every time. Easily help your sales team close leads consistently.

  • End repetitive tasks with templates and a Campaign Builder that automates follow-up. With Brijkrishna Business, be a part of the fastest and the most efficient B2B sales outsourcing platform.

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We believe in growing and growing together. Therefore, at Brij Krishna our methodology and costing is highly growth oriented, which means a major source of our revenues comes from the sales that we make for our clients. This model keeps always us on our toes and inspires us to sell more which in turn benefits our clients as well as ourselves.

Kotak 81175%

Credit Card80%

CCTV Installation55%


Grow Your Sales

Technology has Changed

Due primarily to advancements in technology, customers have changed the way they make purchases and, in turn, changed how sales professionals must sell.

  • Sales Outsourcing Services
  • Outsourced Marketing
  • Sales Consulting Services
  • Lead Generation
  • Revenue Growth & Brand Awareness
  • Increase Market Share & Target Audience

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How we've helped some of the world's leading B2B brands transform their marketing for even greater success